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Can you identify the following Badges or Buttons?

The identity of some insignia is simply lost in the mists of time, with no record of it in published reference books.  Can you help us to identify any of the following insignia?

This is not a guessing-game - please only reply if you definitely know the answer.  A short explanation of your source of information would also help.

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Chrome button with letters NEM

Gilt button with phoenix

brass button with King's crown over GvR, all within a wreath

silver-plated button with intertwined letters KR


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Button Identification

The British Button Society has an identification service.

The British Button Society

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The British Button Society was founded in 1976 by a group of people interested in collecting buttons and researching their history. The Society has collectors of all types of button and publishes 4 excellent journals per year called 'Button Lines' - click for details

Insignia Images

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